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Ghanaian farmers upskill with help from DCS smart technology

Ghanaian farmers are championing the adoption of a revolutionary new technology to help upscale farming practices in their rural communities.

While it is widely accepted that access to training and information can play a key role in the success of agricultural development, achieving this knowledge transfer can prove a major challenge since many rural communities lack electricity and internet connectivity.

Access Agriculture, an NGO specialising in the production of agricultural training videos in a broad variety of local languages, has now managed to resolve these issues, with the adoption of a new system combining smart technology and solar energy.

Utilising the Digital Classroom System (DCS) smart projector, power bank and portable solar charger they are now able to use their catalogue of over 700 videos to relay information in local languages to farming communities in Ghana and other areas of Africa.

Farmer Abdul Rahman Yakubu commented, “Watching the video in my local language I feel that everything is possible.  The video was shot in Mali and I can sit here and watch it, and it speaks to me in Dagbani.  Everyone in the room was able to understand and grab a little bit of knowledge from the video.”

Phil Malone, Vice-Chairman of Access Agriculture, added “When people see the Digisoft system in action with our content they are blown away. We want to encourage people to use the videos and improve their livelihoods.”  

For more information on DCS: or +44 20 3059 7766+44 20 3059 7766